Brian Ryder

Council Member of The Royal Institute of Oil Painters.
Founder, Past President & Fellow ofThe Institute of East Anglian Artists.

Brian RyderBrian's paintings are in many private collections and has previously exhibited his work including:

Grollo D’oro. Venice Biennale (medal). Cambridge Contemporary Art. Kendalls Fine Art. Hawker Gallery. Broadway Modern. Thompsons Gallery. Llewellyn and Church Gallery in London.

Brians work can presently be seen at:

Following 32 years in architecture Brian turned professional in 1994, having drawn and painted from an early age, and then, until 2013, taught and ran painting courses in Britain and many locations in Europe. During this period Brian produced six DVDs on teaching painting, alongside three books - and a fourth, being an illustrated biography of his painting career.

“My painting does not really have a style but is a reaction to the scene and painted in a way I feel depicts the subject best… I have been told somewhere between impressionist and semi abstract.“

Nowadays Brian paints in his studio at home, using his vast knowledge of the places he has and still visits, which are often drawn/sketched using pencil or pen and wash and used alongside photographs for producing his paintings. Although well versed in all media Brian now concentrates on oil painting and says…

“I have the good fortune of never having any painting rejected following my first submission to the ROI at the London Mall Galleries back in 2008. My election as full member in 2011 was a great honour for me and I will never really believe the high level my peers have bestowed upon me.”

Although Brian spent many years painting “en plein air” he says…

“My work on location, as I believe with most artists, ends up as illustrative depictions of the subject and I seem to have spent years doing this but have, over the past few years, continually tried to move on. Painting in the studio helps me in this quest, as I feel I am not constrained by the scene in front of me.

I normally paint with shapes carefully placed within the chosen subject… even the skies. My only aim, in whatever style of work I choose at the time to depict my subject, I always to try to catch the changing atmosphere. I feel I have succeeded when the viewer makes the final painting… not me. I am just the guide.

I have some quotes stuck on the shelf above my easel… all by Degas which remind me every day what it is I am actually about.

  1. Art is not what we see but what you can make others see.
  2. Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things.
  3. A painting requires a little mystery, some vagueness, and some fantasy.
    When you always make your meaning plain you end up boring people.
  4. Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do.”

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